Tree Credits

Rewarding climate-smart landscaping to end hunger and poverty

Official site of the Stichting TREE CREDITS FOUNDATION, RSIN 8553.70.518 KvK 63720167 Den Haag

“The two defining challenges of our century are climate change and poverty.

And if we fail on one, we will fail on the other.”

— Lord Nicholas Stern, 2009

We are:

  • Promoters of a Global Transformation aimed at doubling the world’s green cover, restoring degraded lands, reforesting lost forests and ending poverty!
  • Facilitators of monthly climate payments to all tree farmers registered on our Tree Registration Platform. To channel part of the available Climate Funds to the grassroots.
  • A free consultancy, advising Private Pro-Profit Development Initiatives on the use of Gandhian development methods (Sarvodaya) to implement their projects, with special emphasis on consensus and women empowerment.
  • Promoters of Education, Economic Empowerment and Gender Equality though the GoodGame (see

We invite:

  • Like-minded ICT investors to co-develop the ultimate 2015 social media platform - to double the global tree cover and end rural poverty by 2050. This gamified platform (GoodGame) would be bigger than facebook.
  • Private Initiatives supporting tree planting and climate smart agriculture to register the trees planted on our online ‘Tree Registration Platform’. (It will available soon on this website!)
  • Foundations to support us in tackling climate change and poverty as one single problem - by implementing Tree Credits through the Good Goal Game.
  • Young Activists to spread solutions, by helping us design and develop posters, infograms, tweets and texts - to present the many layers of our plan.
  • Schools, Students and (ex)Scientists to research TC related solutions, prepare educational materials, and design the many multi-cultural interfaces needed.
  • All Human Beings, to join us and help save our beloved planet, Mother Earth.

In the Short Term we are looking for programmers and developers who can design and develop an online tree registration platform and a village wiki.

Tree Credits 1000 – The Trichy Project

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In 2009, my friend Ferdinand Swart, a dutch social scientist came up with an unique concept to solve the world’s environmental problems. Influenced by Lord Nicholas Stern, Ferdinand strongly advocated that poverty and climate change must be solved simultaneously as they are like two faces of the same coin. After nearly 5 years of brainstorming and a trail in Sri Lanka, the Tree Credits Foundation was registered on the 7th of July 2015 in Delft, Netherlands. To begin with, the foundation has started 2 projects, one in Kenya and the other in...

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Royston Fernandes

Royston Fernandes

Project Manager and Treasurer

  • Public Speaking
  • Writing and Communication
  • Motivating and Managing
Ferdinand Swart

Ferdinand Swart

Chairman and Founder

  • Innovation
  • Ideation
  • Inspiration